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He wasn't afraid to poke fun at his image as an energetic naturalist and showman. Irwin appeared as himself in the film Dr. Dolittle 2 with Eddie Murphy. Irwin occasionally drew criticism for his stunts. Some said that he was exploiting the animals that appeared on his shows.

Steve Irwin's son follows in dad's footsteps in side-by-side photos with crocodile

He stirred up even greater controversy in for feeding a crocodile while holding his infant son. Many were shocked by the images of Irwin and his son Robert with the snapping crocodile and accused Irwin of child endangerment. Irwin was never charged in regard to this incident and stated that his son was never in harm's way. He had grown up in a zoo environment and wanted the same experience for his son and his daughter, Bindi Sue. Snorkeling near a stingray, he was pierced in the chest by its barb, which hit his heart.

Irwin died of cardiac arrest shortly after being stung. Stunned by the news of his sudden death, people around the world mourned his passing.

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Many left flowers and notes at the Australia Zoo, which he and his wife ran, taking over for his parents. Others posted messages expressing their grief on the Web. Wildlife experts, such as Jack Hanna, noted that Irwin was a great conservationist. It's completely unpredictable and it's the spice of life, it's great.

If you love to ski, you always love that more challenging slope. And if you love mountain biking, you don't want to do the little tiny jumps. So I understand that butterflies are beautiful but bears are kind of awesome so I get that and I share that with him and his passion as well. Robert, pictured with his late father months before his death, said wildlife is 'what I love, it's my passion, it's what dad was passionate about, it's what my family is passionate about'.

Robert is pictured swimming with a turtle and says his animal encounters are 'the spice of life' and he'd rather be doing that than a desk job. Terri explained to DailyMailTV that her husband's death was simply a freak accident rather than him dicing with death. Irwin died at 44 after being pierced in the heart by a stingray barb while filming an underwater documentary called Ocean's Deadliest. Terri defended the shoot: 'Steve would have been as shocked as anybody for an ocean pancake to kill him.

I mean think about it, these are beautiful, shy, really special animals. And with this particular ray, it had been interacting with Steve on it's own accord for a long time, so I think when Steve did a final ending shot, I think the ray might have forgotten about him and thought he was a shark or something and was acting defensively. So I don't want anyone to not love rays. The last time an accident like that happened in Australia was 75 years earlier. It was just a fluke accident.

And I can remember Steve used to say to me, I hope a crocodile doesn't get me because I don't want people to hate crocodiles. Sister Bindi, 20, famous for winning Dancing With The Stars, admitted that Robert's outlook on life mirrors his father. Honestly, he is more and more like dad every single day. Where he walks like dad, talks like dad, he likes to deal with more challenging animals like dad. And of course being the older sister, I am very protective and worried about him always but he is so good with every animal and in this next season you'll see he's taking on a lot of new challenges.

Robert, Terri and Bindi continue Steve's mission to bring people closer to animals through their show Crikey! Steve's wife Terri insists that her husband's passing was unexpected and not him putting his life on the line, calling the fatal sting ray accident a 'fluke'. I mean, since the moment I can remember, since I was born, honestly, I was playing with animals and working with them and educating people about how special they are, the role they play in our environment.

My dad always used to say I love working with crocs because you know they are always going to try and eat you.

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With people, they will try to be your friend first. So you know, I think we're pretty lucky where our whole life has been spent trying to educate others on these beautiful animals so we're not really risk takers, we're more teachers and we've been put on this earth with a reason and a purpose. It just went. The funny thing is I've been doing it with Bindi for like five odd years and I would never endanger my children. That was never my intention. My intention was strictly and only to show people, here's my little baby boy.

Steve Irwin: 5 quotes that are also just great life advice - CNN

I would never endanger my son as you wouldn't yours nor any good father. I'm getting better and better at 'em.

I really am … For some reason parrots have to bite me. That's their job.

"Crocodile Hunter" - Gabriel Iglesias (from Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

I don't know why that is. They've nearly torn my nose off. I've had some really bad parrot bites. So they took some pictures and sent them off to herpetologist John Cann, who confirmed that the animal was a never-before-discovered species. John Stanisic, a scientist at the Queensland Museum, discovered a new type of tree snail and named it crikey steveirwini.

In , he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , where he introduced the host to a handful of animals including a cuddly sloth. Bindi Sue has also become a television staple. In , she showed off her dancing skills when she was crowned the winner of the 21st season of Dancing With the Stars. Owners of older Samsung TVs and Roku sticks may need to find a new way to binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix next month.

Starting December 1, the streaming service will no longer be compatible with the Roku x, Roku x, some Samsung smart TVs from and , and other devices that don't support autoplay, Lifehacker reports.

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Netflix has yet to release an official list of the devices that will no longer support the app—just a warning that some users may see an error message that reads "Due to technical limitations, Netflix will no longer be available on this device after December 1, Here's a list of some of the devices that will no longer be able to stream Netflix starting next month:.

The 1 Animal That ‘Terrified’ Steve Irwin Isn’t the One That Killed Him

Although frontman Michael Hutchence died in , and the band finally called it quits in , INXS remains hugely popular. In celebration of this INXS resurgence, here are 10 facts about the band. Rounding out the sextet were Garry Gary Beers on bass, Kirk Pengilly on guitar and saxophone, and of course, Michael Hutchence on lead vocals.

Not every idea Gary Morris had was a good one. First, he asked his buddy Daryl Hall to sing backup on the chorus. Even when I rang up Daryl Hall to sing on it his manager thought it was too controversial. But I think the record would have been bigger had I not talked them into changing the lyrics.