Birth certificate application form victoria

NOTE: Birth certificates for newborns cannot be issued until the birth registration is submitted, and Vital Statistics receives the Notice of Birth from the hospital.

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The parental information certificate contains the individual's name, date of birth, place of birth, sex and parent s name and birthplace. The certificate is Many applications, such as passport, require this birth certificate for children up to the age of The individual information certificate contains child's name, date of birth, place of birth and sex. Older birth certificates are still valid and accepted for most applications. However, in some cases where identity security is of the utmost importance, agencies may ask you to provide the more secure, polymer birth certificate.

You cannot bring in your older certificate and get a new one free of charge because the fees for the certificate cover the costs of producing and issuing the new document.

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On January 2, , the Vital Statistics Agency moved from paper certificates to more durable polymer certificates. Here are some of the features that make B. The certificate Birth certificates are not for day-to-day identification, so store them in a safe place when they are not in use. A British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in decided that birth registrations must recognize the rights of both same-sex and opposite-sex parents.

Your birth certificate is a foundation identity document, so take care of it. The following three things can help you protect yourself from identity fraud:.

This free service authorizes the cancellation of the birth certificate under Section The Vital Statistics Agency cannot stop dishonest individuals from using a lost or stolen certificate, but we can make it harder for them. Vital Statistics notifies agencies that electronically verify birth certificate information, such as ICBC, when you report a birth certificate lost or stolen. Contact the local police to report your lost or stolen birth certificate.

If you suspect you have been a victim of identity theft, contact The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1 Parents can choose from forty-two different styles that range from whimsical to stylized and scenic. Email Vital Statistics.

Birth, Adoption, Death, Marriage & Divorce

Priority service is not available for births that are not registered, commemorative certificates or birth certificates more than years old. AU is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Family and community Births, deaths and marriages Certificates Birth certificates Apply for a birth certificate. Certificates Birth certificates Commemorative certificates Early loss of pregnancy certificates Marriage and relationship certificates Death certificates Change of name certificate Corrections to certificates. Who can apply Anyone born in South Australia can apply for their own birth certificate.

Other people who can apply are: a child's parent a person's child a child's legal guardian - evidence is needed for non-parent guardians the person's current spouse - evidence is needed if surnames are different an executor of their estate, administrator or trustee - evidence of authority is needed someone with written authority or power of attorney - evidence of authority is needed.

Apply now.

Victoria - Obtain a Single Status Certificate

What you'll need You'll need to provide basic information about the person, such as names of parents, and date and place of birth. Proof of identity Applicants need to prove their identity unless they are applying for a birth certificate that's more than years old.

If you don't have those, CBS will accept two of the following, showing your current name and postal address on one and your signature on the other: passport Centrelink or health care card pension, seniors or veteran's card credit or debit card, bank statement occupational licence - eg builders licence defence force or police service ID card current Australian firearms licence electricity or gas utilities account telephone or mobile phone account.

If you apply online you can either: be asked a series of questions about the certificate you are ordering that only you or people close to the registered person will know - we will post the certificate to you by registered person-to-person post upload scanned or photographed images of your ID.

Stories to support birth certificate reforms

Other ways to apply. Make cheques payable to Births, Deaths and Marriages. There are also church baptism, marriage and burial records dating as far back as What information will I find on this index? How do I order a death certificate from Victoria? The uncertified images, on the other hand, are scanned images of the original registration records.

Birth Certificates - Province of British Columbia

Designed specifically for family history research, uncertified images include the same details as the historical certificate, but cannot be used for official purposes. The other difference is that uncertified images can be downloaded to your computer immediately after ordering. How do I order an historical certificate?