What is a felony in texas

The device must be an approved device and be installed by an approved service provider. People who are convicted of DWI in Texas are required to prove that they have car insurance by filing an SR certificate. This is done through your insurance company and provides the state with proof that you have car insurance that complies with state minimum standards.

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You must have the SR Certificate on file with the state for two years after your conviction. If it lapses, you will lose your license and the state will cancel your vehicle registration. In addition to the cost of an SR, your car insurance rates will increase if they view you as high risk after a DWI conviction. As a result, a conviction may cause your insurance premiums to significantly increase.

Commercial vehicle drivers who get behind the wheel put us all at risk. The individuals who drive commercial vehicles often are behind the wheel of cars or trucks that are designed for highly specialized purposes. As such, they are often much larger and less maneuverable than the passenger vehicles that most of us drive. These characteristics can make them capable of causing serious injury if they are involved in accidents.

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  • Texas Misdemeanor Crimes and Penalties?

Furthermore, commercial drivers are often entrusted with the transportation of hazardous materials or even other people. Because of the inherent risks associated with the operation of commercial vehicles, almost every aspect of the industry is regulated by the federal government, including the licensing of commercial drivers.

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This is significantly lower than the. In addition, CDL holders who are determined to have operated any type of vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol are disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle for one year. If the driver operates a commercial vehicle that transports hazardous materials, he or she can be disqualified for three years. Other types of offenses that may result in disqualification from driving a commercial vehicle include:. CDL license holder DWI charges and related offenses have the potential to result in significant fines, the loss of your CDL license, jail time, and in the case of commercial drivers, the inability to make a living and potentially the end of your career.

Misdemeanors in Texas

As a result, it is extremely important that commercial drivers who are facing allegations of DWI discuss their options with an experienced DWI defense attorney as soon as possible. For a first offense, minors who are caught driving under the influence face: Fines Probation Loss of their right to drive Mandatory enrollment in an alcohol education class Community service Ignition interlock device installation These penalties increase significantly with each subsequent offense, and in many cases can include jail time.

These include: DWI with a child under 15 in the vehicle Intoxication assault Intoxication manslaughter These offenses are prosecuted under different code sections than DWI law and expose offenders to much more serious consequences. Mandatory Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device In some cases, a judge will require that an offender install an ignition interlock device. Other types of offenses that may result in disqualification from driving a commercial vehicle include: Chemical test refusal Leaving the scene of an accident Operating a commercial vehicle with a BAC of 0.


When is DWI a Felony in Texas? | Fort Worth DWI Lawyer

Some common felony charges in Texas include:. The above list is in no way comprehensive of all the different felonies that exist under the Texas Penal Code. The above list constitutes the main felony charges seen on a regular basis in Harris County and Montgomery County courts. If you are arrested and charged with any of the above felonies and you are still under the statute of limitations , it would be a good idea to get competent legal representation as soon as possible.

Legal definition of "felony" crimes in Texas

Attorney Matt Horak is a dedicated felony defense attorney committed to helping defend your felony case. Currently, Matt Horak is defending felony cases in the greater Houston area including Harris county and Montgomery county. Contact Mr.

Horak immediately if you have a felony arrest or conviction at or toll-free at to discuss your case. Under the Texas Penal Code Section There are five categories of felonies in Texas, and they are classified by the seriousness of the offense. The five categories are:.

Texas Felony Crimes and Penalties