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No matter what the reason, the info system is setup in order that they can find the phone number they require. However, what if you already have the telephone number but you need to know the name and address of the owner? This is when a reverse search is useful. Reverse providers are sites that permit you to run a backward search on a phone number. I recently used a reverse method to learn who owned a phone number that kept calling my home.

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This number always appeared to phone in when I was not home and they never left any messages. It turned out to be my uncle from Toronto. He had moved and wanted me to have his new telephone number.

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Obviously, he might have just left a message in my voice mail and saved us some trouble! In many cases this was no bighting. But, more and more we want to know who is calling and to get information about people calling your phone.

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From this need for information, you are in control and can decide to take the phone or not. The desire for this information gave rise to Caller ID and phone blocking functionality. Now a day, one of the best security and information attributes for your mobile is the Reverse Phone number Lookup. You supply the telephone number and full owner information is provided back to you.

Name assigned to the phone number, Address assigned to the person who owns the phone number.

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RevealName allows you to do a reverse phone number lookup for any mobile or landline number in Canada. All you need to do to find out who owns the number is to enter the phone number you want to lookup and RevealName will instantly find out who, either a person or a business, owns the phone number. RevealName uses thousands of public and third party databases to accurately keep owner records for all phone numbers based in Canada in order to provide you the most accurate reverse lookup information in Canada.

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In most cases, we are also able to provide address, background information and demographic information as part of reverse phone lookup. You can now reverse phone lookup any Canada based mobile or landline number straight from your PC. Are you getting random phone calls from a number in Canada and want to know the true owner?

Not a problem! With RevealName, you can do that instantly.

see url Just enter the phone number using the dialpad above and leave the rest to us. We get phone ownership information from carriers around the world including Canada. We keep our data fresh which means you never have to worry about the accuracy of our results. We will instantly find the true owner of the phone.


By just entering the phone number and being able to find out who owns the phone is called reverse lookup or name lookup using phone number. RevealName is the best source for looking up phone number owners.

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We all always run into situations where we have received a phone call from Canada and we want to find out who owns the phone. With RevealName this is now possible. We make it simple to lookup names using phone numbers for phone numbers around the world including phones in Canada.

RevealName is the most trusted site for all users around the world to reverse lookup phones in Canada.