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A tenant credit report is only part of the larger picture. However, a free tenant credit report is certainly a perfect start as it does tell quite a tale. Beware of making a crucial decision only by the credit score solely. Look at the tenant background checks in depth! Good credit score means go, right? In my experience, one can have a good score but an over-abundance of credit accounts with a balance.

Could this be a set-up for a fall? On the other side of the spectrum, a low credit score may be due to medical bills. Where looking closer, you will see that despite the score on the tenant credit report, all credit accounts are paid on time. Looking closer to the tenant credit report is the only way to reveal this.

A score is just the tip of the iceberg. Income and Employer. Anyone can write in on a rental application that they make X income and have been at Y Company for Z years.

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Get proof! And more, contact these employers! Full tenant screening reports should never just be a tenant credit report number or score. There should be employment documentation and full references. What if my applicant is self-employed?

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Ask for proof! You are offering up a very expensive asset to a perfect stranger. Get to know them better.

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Self-employed, ask for tax returns or bank statements. W2 earners can provide banking statements along with pay stubs. Landlord References.

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I will let you in on a little trade secret. Often, a landlord is so desperate to rid themselves of a problem tenant, they will tell lies. I have never practiced this kind of deception before, but I have thought on it a bit.

Well, then, if I cannot trust a truthful landlord reference, what do I do? Go back! Ah, the landlord before has nothing to lose or gain by telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

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Make sure with a rental application, preferably a free rental application , your applicants provide this vital information. Before you slam the door shut on someone with a criminal history, be cautious! It can be considered a form of discrimination. For instance, denying someone on an arrest alone, where there was no conviction may be a violation of fair housing laws.

It is important to tread lightly. Make sure that if you run criminal backgrounds, that they are run on every applicant. Choosing just a few, could result in some hot water and allegations of discrimination. When collecting information on your free rental applications, that you are asking the same information across the board. In order for an eviction to end up on a credit report; there must be an issued judgement.

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Frankly, that can take some time. However, as technology advances, there are other means to get this information. For instance, shameless plug ahead, beware! SparkRental provides nationwide eviction reports, including data from all 50 states.

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And most of this information is not found on a tenant credit report. OK, plug over! Be a Sneaky Pete. If you see your applicant in every picture with two beers in his or her hand and every other post about the new tavern they will be visiting, this may be a red flag. I am not saying a drink now and again is a problem. However, you will see tell-tale signs of the partier, the slob, the complainer and more. All this by just by taking a gander online. Increasingly, baby-boomers and empty nesters are choosing to rent instead of buy , as they downsize and leave their child-rearing suburban homes.

Owning rental investment property in an area where retirement population is popular or on the rise such as Florida or Colorado can be lucrative for landlords. Screen Applicant No credit card required! Throw out the paper checks and Collect Rent Online. Free Background Check. Listing Management. Pay Rent Online.

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  • Renter Credit Booster. Roommate Finder. Tenant Screening and Property Management Unified to Create Upside Landlords know that building a rental property portfolio can be risky business. Sign Up Today. Screen Applicant. Advertise and screen new tenants in a few minutes. Execute state-specific lease agreements with your new tenants and start collecting rent online. Learn more about Roommate Finder.

    One Applicant is Never Enough. Choose Wisely. It was really nice just to send the potential renter an applcation to their email, have them pay the fee for credit and back ground check. I was notified and printed out the info. Very simple and at no charge to me! Rent spree was fast and the credit report had a fast turnaround. The credit report gave detailed information on the applicant. It was fairly easy to use and I will probably use it again. Easy to use. My Arcadia Association of Realtors just added this as a new free service to realtors so I decided to try it.

    We get "Pro" status which allows us to request documents online from the applicants. Just tried it out for the first time. It was easy to use and the prospective tenants were able to fill out the application online. I was sent back completed applications with tenant eviction history, criminal checks and credit scores.

    follow url I downloaded and emailed right to my Owner. It saved me a lot of time and was very efficient. Great new service for Realtors We have partnered with some of the most trusted names in real estate, including many of the largest real estate platforms in the U. We take pride in providing premium services for all our clients and their members. Sign up and start screening your first tenant within just 2 minutes. There is never any cost aside from a screening fee so you have nothing to lose! Get Started. Verify Tenants at Light-Speed RentSpree will simplify the rental process and land you better tenants.

    Request a Demo. Start Screening Now. We built this for you. Real Estate Agents Start screening in 60 seconds. Landlords Screen applicants in seconds. Rental Application. Criminal Background Check. Nationwide Eviction Report. No hidden fee. No site inspection.