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Defense makes a motion to acquit based on insufficient evidence a murder was committed, which the judge denies based on previous case rulings.

Strand of Hair Found in Casey Anthony’s Car Was Probably Daughter’s

June 16, — Defense begins its case, often recalling state witnesses for further testimony. Crime scene investigator says no blood was found in Casey's car or incriminating stains on her clothes. An FBI forensic document examiner found no evidence of a heart shaped sticker on the duct tape found near the remains.

June 17, — Forensic entomologist called by the defense states if there was a body in the trunk, there should have been hundreds or even thousands of blow flies trapped in the trunk as well. June 18, — Defense calls a new witness, Dr.

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Werner Spitz, who questions the medical examiner's autopsy, including the failure to open the skull, and says there was no indication the death was a homicide. He believes the duct tape was placed on the skull after decomposition and that the crime scene photos of the position of the hair on the skull were staged, possibly by the medical examiner.

June 21, — A defense-called forensic botanist challenges the prosecution's theory of when the body was placed at the crime scene. An expert in analytical chemistry who works with Dr.

Casey Anthony Trial: FBI Analyst Says Hair in Car Trunk Likely Came From Dead Body - ABC News

Vass challenges the process of testing for the presence of chloroform. June 22, — An FBI forensic examiner says no dirt from the crime scene was found on shoes at the Anthony home or a neighbor's borrowed shovel. FBI forensic toxicologist found no toxins in the hair from Caylee Anthony's skull. A scientist who worked with Dr. Vass who testifies tests did not conclusively prove there was a body in the trunk. The FBI's forensic chemist examiner could not find traces of chloroform in the car.

The FBI forensics expert found no hair in the trunk liner showing signs of decomposition. She also testified the duct tape at the crime scene was dissimilar to that in the Anthony home. June 23, — An FBI hair and fiber expert says only one hair from the car truck had a sign of decomposition. There is a long debate among prosecutors and defense over the reliability of "root banding. Vass's test "lacked organization and planning" and had "minimal standards of quality control. June 24, — Cindy Anthony is recalled to the stand where the defense shows her a photograph of Caylee on the pool ladder and she again mentions the ladder was in the pool on June 16 when she returned home from work that evening, adding that she called George to ask about it since she took out the ladder from the pool on the previous day after swimming there with Caylee.

The defense also showed the jury a picture of Caylee appearing to open a sliding-glass door at her home. Cindy says Caylee was capable of opening the sliding door to the back yard and the pool. Search volunteer testifies about duct tape being used at search headquarters. June 25, — Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. June 27, — Casey Anthony is found competent to continue after psychological evaluation. A professor of chemistry called by the defense says there is no scientifically valid instrument that can identify decomposition , [83] that there is no consensus on what chemicals are typical of human decomposition [88] and that chemical compounds identified by Dr.

Vass in air samples can be found in household products and garbage. Three witnesses discuss the November videotaped search by Anthony family private investigators in the woods where Caylee's body later was found. June 28, — A Texas EquuSearch team letter discusses their November search for Caylee of the site where the body later was found.

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George Anthony denies he had an affair with Krystal Holloway, borrowed money from her, or told her Caylee's death was "an accident that snowballed out of control. He testifies he bought a gun to threaten Casey's friends into telling him where Caylee was, even though he knew having one violated Casey's bail. Cindy Anthony denies she sent private investigators to search the site where Caylee's body later was found; her son Lee Anthony and the case's lead detective then testify she did so, after talking to a psychic.

June 29, — Cindy Anthony says Casey's response to the media theory that Caylee drowned was "Surprise. Kronk testifies about why he changed his story about lifting the skull. An expert on grief and trauma testifies that pretending nothing had happened and partying was one of many different ways people, especially young people, express grief. June 30, — Casey Anthony tells Judge Perry she does not want to testify. She states that George Anthony told her that Caylee's death was "an accident that snowballed out of control.

After Holloway steps down, Judge Perry tells jurors that her testimony could be used to impeach George Anthony's credibility, but that it is not proof of how Caylee died. Cindy calls it a "tradition" to wrap them in blankets and a plastic bag; duct tape was used to keep the plastic bags from opening.

After this final witness, the defense rests. July 1, — The prosecution continues rebuttal with two representatives of Cindy Anthony's former employer explaining why their computer login system shows Cindy was at work the afternoon she said she went home early and searched her computer for information about chloroform. An anthropology professor is recalled to rebut a defense witness on the need to open a skull during an autopsy. The lead detective states that there were no phone calls between Cindy and George Anthony during the week of June 16, , but admits he did not know that George had a second cell phone.

July 3, — Judge Perry rules that during closing arguments the defense could argue there was a drowning involved in the death of Caylee because there was sufficient evidence of that, but could not argue George had sexually abused Casey. The alleged motive was that the child interfered with her partying lifestyle and spending time with her boyfriend.

The prosecution states the defense' story that Caylee drowned and George encouraged Casey to cover up the accident made no sense. The defense counters with four hours of arguments insisting there was no proof of how Caylee died, challenging the prosecutors' most important evidence as "fantasy," and emphasizing the reasonable doubt that Casey killed Caylee. It again insists that after the child drowned, Casey panicked and George Anthony made the death look like a murder and that he was the one who put the body in the nearby woods. July 4, — Prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick present a rebuttal to the defense closing, telling jurors their forensic evidence had proved their case, while the defense made claims they did not prove.

The case then goes to the jury. July 5, — After about ten hours of deliberation, the jury acquits Casey Anthony of all felony charges i. The judge orders all sentences to run consecutive to each other, with credit for time served. July 13, — Texas EquuSearch , which assisted in the search for Caylee, sues Casey Anthony for the costs of the search.

Jailhouse Tapes

July 15, — Casey Anthony appeals convictions of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. July 19, — Prosecutors write a letter responding to a New York Times article about alleged withholding of exculpatory evidence about the chloroform searches and says they were about to give the jury a Notice of Supplemental Discovery but did not do so because jurors had reached a verdict.

July 26, — Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. He also appeals to Florida legislators to bar the release of juror's names in some cases "in order to protect the safety and well-being of those citizens willing to serve. August 1, — Orange County, Florida Circuit Judge Stan Strickland signs amended court documents that order Casey Anthony to return to Orlando within 72 hours to serve one year of supervised probation for the check fraud charge that Anthony pleaded guilty to in January August 5, — Baez obtains an emergency hearing with Judge Perry arguing Anthony already had served her probation and that Strickland no longer had jurisdiction over her.

Casey Anthony’s Father Airlifted to Hospital After Car Wreck

Perry postpones a decision calling the situation "a maze. August 10, — The Florida Department of Children and Families releases report concluding that Casey Anthony failed to protect Caylee, and that Casey's actions or lack of actions resulted in the death of the child. The finding has little legal relevance. August 12, — Judge Belvin Perry upholds Judge Strickland's order, ruling that Casey Anthony must return to Orlando to serve one year's probation for check fraud , reporting no later than noon on August The judge declares that her residential information during the probation period may be kept confidential because of threats made against her life.

August 23, — After defense attorneys file motion to appeal Judge Perry's probation ruling, [] the Florida Fifth District Court of Appeals upholds it. He ruled she only had to pay those costs directly related to lying to law enforcement about the death of Caylee, i. He told reporters that Anthony is indigent. October 8, — Casey Anthony answers a few questions and takes the Fifth Amendment repeatedly in a video deposition regarding the Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales lawsuit.

October 25, — Judge Perry releases names of jurors in Casey Anthony trial. June 11, — Casey motions for a new trial to have convictions of counts of lying to police overturned. The station learned about this information from Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez who mentioned it in his book on the case.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Death of Caylee Anthony. Retrieved July 7, WKMG Local 6. On the Record. Fox News. For details see Casey Anthony documents archive — Evidence released in Caylee Anthony search and discovery Archived at the Wayback Machine and motions related to that evidence from Central Florida News 13 and Miscellaneous documentary evidence released by the state from from the Discovery Channel.

Central Florida News August 21, Archived from the original on December 23, August 30, Retrieved August 30, WFTV , August 29, Orlando Sentinel. September 6, Archived from the original on September 13, September 5, Archived from the original on April 15, ABC News.

Retrieved July 5, October 14, Archived from the original on July 1, Retrieved July 6, December 19, Retrieved April 13, WFTV Orlando. May 24, Archived from the original on May 28, Archived from the original on August 14, Retrieved September 11, Archived from the original on June 30, April 1, Retrieved July 24, Ultimately it will be up to the jury to assess the importance and reliability of the forensic evidence and the science used to analyze it. The popularity of television dramas like "CSI," featuring forensic investigators who are able week after week to solve difficult crimes with scientific certainty, may create unreasonable expectations in the minds of jurors, making it more difficult for prosecutors to win convictions.

Other analysts suggest the CSI effect could cut the other way, making jurors more likely to accept and credit forensic evidence during their deliberations. Anthony, 25, is charged with first degree murder. If convicted she faces a possible death sentence. She is also charged with aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

Defense lawyers maintain that Caylee drowned accidentally in the backyard pool and that Anthony and her father, George, participated in a cover up to make it look like a kidnapping and murder. Already a subscriber?


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