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Stephen Hwang has a practice solely dedicated to advanced cataract surgery. Advanced Cataract. JON S. He completed his internship and ophthalmology residency at Rush Presbyterian-St. Elliott Janousek is a board-certified optometrist. McPhee did his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. After his residency, he completed his Fellowship at John Hopkins Hospital. Diabetic and Medical Retina. Jacob Miller is a board-certified optometrist who received his doctoral degree from Southern California College of Optometry.

Louis, Missouri. After his residency, he received the highest score in the country on the American Board of Ophthalmology exam in Cataract and General Ophthalmology. CODY D. Cody Quarnberg is a board-certified optometrist who received his doctoral degree from Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton and completed his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Craig Suiter is a board-certified comprehensive Ophthalmologist devoting most of his time to cataract surgery, treatment of glaucoma and surgical removal of pterygiums. Suiter was raised in Phoenix and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona in with a degree in biology. Cataract, Glaucoma, and Pterygium.

He received his medical degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. He completed his internship and his ophthalmology residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His special interests include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, pterygia and general ocular disease and trauma.

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Morris, not out. Thomas, J. Driscoll, Vi. Budge, W. Barry: H. Thomas, W. John, 1. WilliiUiis, Dr.

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II, Brewer, F. Pinch, W, T. Llewellyn, A. TTiomas, and Horner. Pawwn, T. Hughes, H. Greonlarwl, Councillor Peter Wright. Hay Ties ate leaving Newport to-day to attend on behalf of the Newport Corporation a, conferienop in rermanv on town-planning. An action for J. Newport Ckji-poration is at length fretting the offer of some land for Kmali holding's pur- poses, but, not ziea,rly el1 n. The agent to the Tredegar Estate ha. The aj-ea is about 35 acres. The reply of the committee to Lord Tredegar's agent is that the area of land Fpoken of is totally inadequate, and, unless acres in addition be offered, the committee will be roliiotantly compelled to apply for compulsory powers.

Newport Fin-an-os Committ. The rule that owners of houses who compound for the general district rate must ixiy all the rates of their tenants witliiu four months of the making of the rate, or be subject to penalties, has had the "f! Some owners did not pey within the four monthe, and eome only paid the general district rate.

The tinance eommittee has decided that 11 xless the rule be complied with tenants themselves will be rated. Inquiry at the Great Western Railway offices with regard to the failure of the Campania to call at Fiehguard elicited the statement that the inci- dent was not likely to recur. We had our train with sleeping compartments ready to bring the ma. Police-constable William Hancock said he was mlled to eject the man from the Rummer HoW, and when outside he said be would not move for the tone.

The Systems at Work. The cause of the malady is ey to find, and lies in the failure o,t my starred selections to come up to anything like the standard of former years, but to reason why elucidation offers, a. System 2, on the other hand, continued to progress, and give no cause for uneasiness; in fact, it would forI some time past have benefited by a few losers to get the stakes up preparatory to a chance at more than 4 to 1 coming aloiiq to make the consequent excess the greater, for during all the four weeks no higher sum than This compa,rat.

The following pa,rti-! I eysMm 1. August 20 came with no relief to any appreciable extent, and the adverse balance had crept up to JE. Single Star got a clearance with Romney at 9 to2on the 28th, and double star with Washoe at 6 to ion the 31st, but other transactions were uninterest- ing, and comparatively barren of results. Readers will be a. The system is too sound to fail without a hard strbggle, and, having stood the test of years, its working this season is sensationally etrange. Rven during the extraordinary dearth of winners during the period now under review, kwhen 29 of the setestions last.

System I I. I have already stated how stakes were kept down, to which I may add that they commenced a-t 21s. This is a wonderful state of affairs, considering that the two horses to carry these investments are two of the same set from which the starred selections are chosen. How different would have been the fate of System 1 had it been based on these two selections thus automatically chosen, rather than on two upon which so much care and thought have been lavished! Instead of ten winners as with the two starred selec- tions. Here is possibly- a pointer to the seat of the mischief in System 1, for there is a tendency, very difficult to a.

On the other hand, with Fystem 2, no such influ- ences sway the mind after selections for the six rfcees of the day are made, for two of them are designated by rule and not by choice. I have frequently affirmed that systematic investments are the one and only means by which success can be achieved by the ordinary backer, though few indeed are the methods which will stand a lengthy trial, but. ThenAJft four weeks' working will expire on Saturday. October 2.

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FREE A. Another lih! FREE Ga,ileot. All 1 ask you to send is P. Don t hesitate or delay. This free ofier will not he made 3-gajn. Be advised by me. Send now P. I Orders for ftTe lArge cargo steamers wem received by three Sunderland shipbuilding ftreos for Tyueddfi owners. Private 5 8 K Mr I? Five furlongs. Sal o' Mv? Sherwood 8 7 Mr H S Per. O liule and 32Q yards. Yi: Mr G Acton's 1-lorer. Oen miLe and yards. Jir J Bayly's II ind 1,'lower.

HglaY 11vnnd w Jg. Ualaen's 1nl;lr.. Five furlong's. Noble Braiiilej 8 0?. J ikw. Dolierv 8 1 Lc.? To-day's Finance. Home uafls quiet. Americans firm. Trunks steady. Rise: Thirds 1. Mexican Rails? Mines steady. Union Pacific i, Prcf rajiadian 4. Kansas, Pennsylvania I down. Abosao , Ashianti, Tangw. Boston, Ithodesia Kxploration down. Pekin tile wsen j; Snansi 6d.

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The local Stcctt Ma. TT j nk. I A novel method of dealing- with firet offen- ders was rraort-ed to at Porth Polioe-oounton Thursday by Mr. The evidence wa. The beys all pleaded guilty.

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Having dHJle s-0, they were doile they were bound over for six months, Mr. Llewellyn, the court mls"iona,r. Horatio Phillips, who appeared for Mrs. Davies, said the order was made on July 9 last, and dofendant had not pa. Phillips vko,6 instructed that he had been selling Mook cheapl.

Defendant stated that the order and the co-nduct of his wife respecting it had ruined his business. She went with policemen to the chop to take t-hivigs from the houoo. The amount due was iS 4s. The ca. He informed their worships that he ha-d only 2s. He at once accepted the advice.

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If Kingrs-lanii will oomimmiciatp with Mr. Morris, Sports- man Hotel, Pontypridd, rf irnvtch can be flj-raii g-ed at once. Inspector Davies prcverl the case. Thomas, who defended, pleaded for leniency. The Stipen- diary Twenty shllli-ngs and costs. It is a bad offence. Men do not go to your house to buy water. Grirns-pouod, an:i Petit Tot. Park Hill '1. Corpotation Handicap Hot: l'laie 7;.

Scarborough Stakes 2. The wasers may he taken as representing fanciss, and being only to minor sum?. The quotations can be left to speak for themselves. Run Wednesday, October Distance, two miles and a quarter. Distance, la. The "Sportsman" hae been officially informed by Messrs. Weatherby of the following cratchings;- Gosfort 11 Park enfavrernente—Beolie filly. Ayr Handicip—Obnoxious. An exlire?? The "Sportsman" appoint? Doors open at 5. Men in the ring at 9.

Pontypridd, and Harry Mirkf. Cardiff: also at Office, Pavilion Ground, up to moment of big contest, commencing. Special Trains will be run ;1" Tinder:—From Tre- herbcrt 5.

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Passengers from Abergavenny can travel by 5. IVnygraig v. Mountain Ash v. Cardiff Mackintosh -Mr. Talywain v. Pant eg— Mn Leahy. Krvnniawr v. Jo riff. Bridgend v. District Leasrue—M. Trsx fegar v. Canton Wanderer: — Mr. Blaina v. Newt-ridje ill. Abaravon Y. I'ont- pool v. Moamo-athsaire Valleys League. Swansea if.

Western Van? Skewen v. Glyn-Neath —Mr G ltcrs. Pill Harriers v. Cardiff v. Neath v. Edgar Bees. Pontypridd Y. Cardiff licniliy -Mr. Machen Y. Cwfnbran Albion—llr. Corinthian:—Goal, C. Green: backs, It.

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Leo Newton, and G. Raggett: forwards, W. Robe: ts. Synicnds, and A. M AERbT. Tieharris:—Goal, Ernest Brown hill bflcVs. Jo1m T. Fred Pickett. Tagg Wiliams tcaptain? W jlliaros, II. Slnith; half-backs, W. Coles caprain , H.

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  • Spickett; forwards, A. Dados, A. Why man, E. Kale, and J. Reveal secrets about an employee, lover, your doctor, friends, neighbor, daughters new date, yourself, and even your boss! Public Records. Birth Records. Court Records. Criminal Records. Social Security Records. Police Records. FBI Records. Search People. Property Records. Arrest Records. Bankruptcy Records. Childcare and Nanny Screening. Felony Arrests. Inmates locator. Judgment Files.