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Identify, collect, and preserve public records of enduring historical and evidential value. Ensure access to public records for present and future generations of Delawareans and promote the availability and use of public records as a unique and invaluable source of information. Advise and educate in the creation, management, use and preservation of public records. To appear in the index, the death must have been reported to the Social Security Administration. If the death was not reported, it will not appear in the index. If they did not participate in the Social Security Program, their name will not appear in the index.


If you do not find a listing in the index, it does not mean the person is still living. It simply means that there was no report filed with the Social Security Administration. The Death Index includes a few pre entries. The majority of the records begin in , when the Social Security Administration began maintaining the file electronically, and continues through today. The purpose of this questionnaire is to guide you in recording the life experiences of a member of your family.

The information you record will become an important link between you and your descendants.

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The questions shown here are ones to get you started. Not every question will apply to any one individual. The Library preserves a collection of nearly million items, more than two-thirds of which are in media other than books. These include the largest map, film and television collections in the world. After signing up it is free you can see all kind of historical documents such as Catholic Church Parish Records, different yearbooks, old phone books, censuses, Emigration Commission documents, list of dignitaries, officials and public notaries of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia and so on.

Also, it is possible to see which Croatian surnames can appear in other countries such as Australia, US etc. It is very interesting and useful. Just a comment to share regarding the FamilySearch. If you are not of the Mormon faith, please do some research before setting up your online tree. This site is excellent for research and records.

Members of the church have a unique number assigned to them that allows them to also search and transfer the results from the Ancestry. They also have research centers almost everywhere they have churches around the country. Check with the local LDS Church in your city for the location.

They have volunteers that will help you with your research at these research centers, and have computers you can use that allows you to do micro film searches as well. Please research why all Holocaust names are being removed from their site, and research their practices for Babtising by proxy, and what you need to do to stop it from happening on your family tree. In regard to myself, I am not Mormon, and do not believe in their practices. I do not want someone years after I am gone, doing an ancestry linage research to come across my family tree, which are all strong in Christian faith, Church of Christ to find my family's faith had been changed to Mormon on my tree, by another ancestor who did a babtism into the Mormon Church by proxy for someone on my tree who they were also related too, which in turn changed the faith noted in my tree to Mormon!

Other than a couple things that you need to clarify and note in your tree, it is the best site, and free site I have found. I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there. If you have questions about the doctrines of the Mormon church you should seek out an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ to discuss it. I would not ask a Catholic what a Jew believes. I would ask Jews what Jews believe.

Yet many people's concept if Mormons is based on what they read on the internet. If you want to know the actual truth you'd need to go to someone who knows and does not have a hidden agenda to tear them down. Trees are not labelled as one religion or another.

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If you were active in a particular religion in life your familysearch record would likely contain a link to your obituary that said so. Nobody wants to hide or change your life story. Mormons generally only do work for people to whom they are related.

If in years someone baptizes you by proxy, it's because they are either your cousin or your descendant. Also if you don't believe in it what difference does it make? God's not going to let someone change your religion after your dead without your consent. Also when someone does temple work for someone it means they love them enough to spend hours, days, or even years finding them and doing work for them.

Again do you somehow suppose someone can knock you out of heaven after you're dead? That doesn't even make sense. What possibly harm could it make to be baptized in your behalf if you don't even believe in it? You always have the free will to decide whether you will accept or reject this work done on your behalf.

Anyway, best wishes to you. Recently, I was checking my father's direct ancestor, George Hull , on Ancestry. I know my cousin whose tree this is, and she did not convert anyone. The Mormons I know personally are fine people whom I greatly admire, and I don't mind, because I believe they acted out of love. However, I can understand those who may be offended or hurt by such actions e. Jewish people were tortured and murdered precisely because they were Jewish.

Explore Family Tree Magazine's picks for the Best websites for doing genealogy. The leading family history magazine for researching Genealogy. I agree with this article but after a very frustrating experience on Olive Tree it's worth pointing out that quite a few links take you to Ancestry.

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Be aware that a lo of sites link you to for profit sites and if you don't want to sign up for their service you're a bit stuck. On the other hand the GenWeb project is wonderful. None of those Ancentry Societyes that I come across seem to be interested in gathering information from people outside theire family tree, I have seen some I might have been able to solve when Brovsing through some of them, but not sure I could find them again.

Just a reminder that you might get som usful info. Best regards Anomyn. This is what I love about modern genealogy--there are more resources than ever for people to research their ancestry online for free! I think one of the most underutilized resources is a regular old Google search. It may sound kind of crazy, but I found a photocopy of my 5x great-grandfather's will that a distant relative of mine had posted on his personal blog-just by Googling my ancestors name! The internet is full of gems like that if people are willing to look.

Thanks for the great list of sources :. A good deal of the information on the Mormon site familysearch. They give you external links to pay for stuff that they don't have, but if they have it themselves it's free, and they have plenty. I managed to trace back about years over the course of a few days without spending any money , just from browsing their site.

Linda, I don't know about any other countries, but for UK births, deaths and marriages you can apply for a certificate in a conditional basis. So you pay up front, and give them the info you have, and if it doesn't match with what's on the certificate they won't send it out and they'll refund your money in full. The dental Hospital Provides root canal treatment,implant dentistry,crown fixing,orthodontics,endodontics,child dental care,elderly dental care ,laser dental treatments,sedation dentistry,microscope dentistry and all maxillo facial surgical cases like trauma etc.

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I hate being told something is free until after results are found. Then, in order to view them, either sign up for a free trial or subscribe immediately. How can I even be sure the results match my criteria if I can't see them? I had signed up for "marriage" notifications on ancestors through one site, and keep receiving emails on his birth or death. Liars, I tried to do a search and you admitted it was not free. People like you ruin the internet. Is there a geneology site where you can just type in the name, date of birth and place of birth and get some information for FREE!

I am really tired of going round in circles, being told its free and then at the last told "yes we have your information but you have to pay to see it", I hate that sort of thing. Build your Free Family Tree website online. And don't miss out on freegenealogytools. It has some very useful and unusual resources.

This resource provides researchers with a safe place where they can focus on valuable and useful resources to conduct their research. All the sites mentioned in your article - and the comments - are wonderful resources for family historians. I would also recommend WeRelate. It is an impressive adaption of MediaWiki for genealogy use. It combines a collaborative family tree with family histories, local histories, biographies, research guides and so much more - all free and all user-generated.

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It's quite amazing. Another site that helped me a great deal was gencircles. Hey everyone - thanks for the heads-up on familysearch. I agree, familysearch. Yes, you need the Mormons familysearch. And you don't have to be a mormon to use it! You can't get into genealogy without running into the Mormons. Try out familysearch. My search there had turned up dry. You may have better luck as you go further back in years, to great-great-grandparents or beyond, but if you only know back to grandparents or more recent.

My wife did find her family clear back to the 's, but I couldn't find anyone. Here comes the obligatory YMMV statement. Discovering your family history is incredibly rewarding. Thanks for encouraging your readers with this list! As an experienced genealogist I can tell you that familysearch. Before investing hours at these websites would-be researchers would be well served to spend some time getting up to speed on the research process.

It can save you headaches and help you make the most of your time. My free podcast Family History: Genealogy Made Easy regularly ranks 1 in the family history and genealogy iTunes categories. The show will walk listeners step by step through the genealogical research process. My other podcast The Genealogy Gems Podcast provides research tips and expert interviews. Both are available at genealogygems.

Lisa, thanks for your comment! It's cool having an expert genealogy research providing feedback - thanks for the great resources. Discovering your family tree is incredibly rewarding.

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As an experience genealogist I can tell you familysearch. In addition to online records, would-be family historians will want to get up to speed on the research process to make the most of their efforts and avoid valuable wasting time. My free podcast Family History: Genealogy Made Easy regularly ranks 1 in iTunes in the family history and genealogy categories and will teach you step by step how to build your family tree. For researchers with some experience try The Genealogy Gems Podcast.

Both podcasts are also free at genealogygems.